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Find magic in the past as it's recounted as though it was a mere dream from yesterday…

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What Is History’s Treasure Chest?

History’s Treasure Chest is a subscription box for history buffs. But we don’t stop there!

Each month, you’ll get a chance to relive a period of history, to uncover what life was like in an era gone by...distant and not-so-distant past through historical books hand-picked for you.

With books steeped in historic detail, personally-curated handcrafted gifts, and more delivered in a treasure chest directly to your door, you’ll uncover more than just a period of time, you’ll discover more of your world, the people around you, and pieces of puzzles you didn’t know existed.


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What’s In The Box

Each History’s Treasures Chest will come complete with a book from the past

A personally-curated gift

Plus one to two other themed items that help bring you right to the heart of the past

Immerse you and your family in the dead and gone ways of the West, the East, and then some. Learn what it was really like to grow a world. Welcome to the hallowed halls of the past, Kid. This is where your future was born.